Canggu, Bali

The trendy, low-key surf vibes of Canggu will leave you feeling refreshed.  Although not necessarily known for having pristine beaches, it's still the perfect place to relax and unwind.  The city is much quieter than most tourist areas in Bali, but if you're looking for nightlife a few options exist as well.

DO visit Potato Head Beach Club (in Semiyank).  Food/drinks are pricey but you can actually enjoy the pool for free.  If you want to use a daybed, we were told it's smart to go around 9 AM to get in line and reserve one. There is a  food/beverage minimum to use a daybed (and they appear to fit 4 people comfortably). There is also Beach access from Potato Head. For a gorgeous view, you can go during sunset!

Rent surfboards and practice on the beginner sized waves at Batu Bolong Beach.  You can find two hour board rentals at most places along the beach for approx. $3 USD.

Listen to live music, skateboard, or just hang out with some really awesome people at Deus Cafe.  Deus also has great food, drinks, and a clothing shop.

Watch sunset at Batu Bolong Beach (right outside Old Man's). 

EAT about 20 meals per day if you'd like to try every perfectly decorated restaurant on the main street to the beach (Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong).

You'll find huge breakfasts including avo toast and acai bowls at Crate Cafe. We tried the Brekkie Plate, the Veto, Shrooms, and The Barber (all plenty big for two to share)! The lattes were great here too.  Be prepared to share a table and meet new friends as Crate is always busy!

One of the most flavorful meals we had was at The Shady Shack. The restaurant isn't far off the beaten path and the bohemian atmosphere is refreshing. We loved the Better Bahn Me and the Tempe Bowl.

We highly recommend Warung Bu Mi for a traditional, delicious, Indonesian meal at a great price.  Here you'll select the food you want behind the glass window and pay per scoop or item.

Betelnut Cafe offers healthy Mexican options as well as salad/quinoa bowls at a cheap price.

DRINK Bintangs or cocktails at Old Man's - it's a great spot for drinks and has a cool surf vibe, however the food is quite pricy. We suggest going here for happy hour (5-6 pm) when drinks are 2 for 1, to watch sunset, or during Dirty Ol' Wednesday's (if you are looking for a party or beer pong).

CAFFEINATE and enjoy a delicious snack or breakfast for a VERY cheap price at Roti Canai. Bonus: They have a cozy atmosphere and great wifi!

STAY (and SHOP) anywhere off Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong street.  This is the main road that takes you to the beach and is filled with shops/restaurants.  Although adorable, items can be quite pricey at the boutiques here.  If traveling with a few people, we recommend renting one of many luxurious villas in the area.  We stayed at this Airbnb villa.  It was absolutely beautiful, modern, and in a very central location, walking distance to shops and the beach. 

CRUISE on foot or rent a scooter for approx. $5 USD per day if you want to visit Potato Head (or anywhere in Seminyak).

KNOW that sadly Tanah Lot Temple has become quite a tourist destination.  There are busloads of people here and if the tide is up you can only view the temple from afar, along with the hundreds of other people.  Also, it's important to know that if your directions tell you to drive the "Canggu Shortcut", be incredibly cautious (or avoid it altogether)!  This cobblestone road through the rice paddies is hardly wide enough for two scooters, and yet somehow cars manage to squeeze on this road as well.  You'll often see a car or scooter that has fallen off the road into the field.  You can see photos from some of the chaos here

Michelle Perenchio