Lima, Peru

Lima is a bustling city overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The city is full of culture, art, and history, the people are incredibly friendly, and the fresh seafood meals are endless.  There are two districts of Lima that we really enjoyed exploring - Barranco being more bohemian and Miraflores being more upscale and quite touristy.

DO the six mile walk along the malecón in Miraflores.  This boardwalk follows along the cliff-side, overlooking the Pacific Ocean where you’ll often see surfers below and paragliders above.  There are also small parks along the pathway and the open air shopping mall, Larcomar, where you can stop and enjoy the scenery.  

A stroll through the brightly-colored Barranco district is also a must do.  Here you’ll find a variety of cute shops and restaurants to pick from.   

EAT ceviche at Canta Rana in Barranco - it’s as fresh/flavorful as can be and comes with an entire avocado on top!  There is typically a small line out the door, but it is absolutely worth the wait.  

Or dine with the locals at El Pez Amigo off the beaten path in Miraflores.  The meals are huge! We’d recommend trying the volcan de mariscos or the cheesy seafood pasta.

DRINK the most classic of Peruvian cocktails - a Pisco Sour.  You can find this drink anywhere in Lima, but we enjoyed “the most classic” at Hotel Gran Bolivar.  Be careful, they tend to be strong!

CAFFEINATE and cure your pisco sour hangover across Plaza San Martin at Urban Central.  It’s a new coffeeshop with a trendy, New York vibe.  

For a more quaint experience, try Dédalo Arte in Barranco.  This is an adorable hidden gem located in the courtyard of an art gallery.  You must walk through the art store/gallery to find the coffee shop in the back.

SHOP at Puna Lima for cute succulents, home decor, and trendy clothes.  Even if you aren’t in the market to take anything with you, it’s still a fun stop to see the artistic atmosphere.  

CRUISE the spread out city using verified local taxis.  Avoid hailing random taxis off the street and instead have your hotel/hostel call for one.  

KNOW that cars and taxis honk for any apparent reason, all day, everyday. It can make you weary of their driving at first, but rest assured it doesn’t seem to mean much more than the typical “hi”, “go”, “the light’s green”, “hurry”, or “out of my way please”. When booking an accommodation be sure to check for reviews about noisy streets due to honking cars.

*Please note: All photos in this post were taken on an iPhone only.

Michelle Perenchio