Máncora, Peru

Eat, surf, party, repeat.  Máncora is a sunny, happy, surf town with beautiful sunsets and a vibrant nightlife.  The downtown area is set right along the beach.  When the tide is up, you can sit at a restaurant/bar on the beach with your feet practically in the water.  There is a small town, laid back vibe in a city where everyone seems to know each other.  If you spend enough time here, you might be lucky enough to get to know some awesome locals as well!

DO take surf lessons from The Good People.  A local, Carlos, is the owner and he is one of the most genuine and welcoming people we’ve met.  After a short tutorial and stretching with your surf instructor on the beach, they will paddle out with you into the waves for an hour lesson.  As part of the cost, after the lesson you can keep your board and wetsuit for the entire day if you’d like to keep practicing.   

EAT breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Cafe del Mundo - a French inspired restaurant with a friendly young owner/chef in a bright, mellow environment.  Breakfast for approx. $3 USD includes coffee/milk, a smoothie, and light breakfast sandwich.  The wifi is great here as well.  

For what we considered to be hands down the best smoothies in Peru, be sure to visit Papa Mo’s Milk Bar (also referred to Green Eggs and Ham for their breakfast operation).  The Anchor, a mango and coconut milk smoothie for approx $1.75 USD, will not disappoint nor will the view from Papa Mo’s deck.  We tried the breakfast burrito and were pleasantly surprised with the size and taste!  

A more expensive and swanky option for dinner can be found at La Sirena d’Juan.  It doesn’t open until dinner and will likely fill up right away.  The menu is heavily seafood focused and the fish is caught fresh daily.  We recommend trying the delicious tuna grilled with tomato risotto and lemon sauce.  

DRINK Pilsen beer on the beach during sunset at any of the bars/clubs lining the beach.  We made friends with the servers at Wiracocha Surf & Drink Discotheque and ended up going there most nights for sunset.  Large beers here will only cost you approx. $1.50 USD.

CAFFEINATE in a artsy atmosphere at Monkey Coffee Shop where you can also enjoy their fresh banana smoothie.

STAY further from downtown if you prefer long, quiet nights of sleep.  Music from the beach clubs will carry into the morning and can make staying nearby quite noisy.  If you’re looking to party, Loki Hostel Mancora is a fun/young hostel for travelers!  The rooms aren’t worth writing home about but the swimming pool, bar, restaurant, location, and social events can’t be beat.  We met some wonderful friends from all over the world here. 

CRUISE by foot since the town is so small.  If you need to go further or have luggage, you can take a cheap tuk tuk.


KNOW it seems many locals stay awake late (perhaps to party) and sleep in even later - meaning sometimes shops do not open as early as expected or advertised.  

*Please note: All photos in this post were taken on an iPhone only.

Michelle Perenchio